Now we have filled up with some new products before the autumn season.
New sizes of namings:
Italian cars such as fiat and alpha.
CR-1109 66.1 mm - 58.1 mm
CR-1110 66.1 mm - 58.6 mm
CR-1111 66.6 mm - 58.6 mm

Mixed American cars / jetties. Dodge, chrysler, JEEP.
CR-1373 72.6 mm - 71.6 mm
CR-3435 100.0 mm - 77.8 mm
CR-3436 106.0 mm - 77.8 mm
CR-3437 108.0 mm - 77.8 mm
CR-3438 110.1 mm - 77.8 mm
CR-3439 111.1 mm - 77.8 mm

67.1 is used as the center for an incredible number of cars, such as Citroën, Ferrari, KIA, Hyundai, Mitsubishi & Mazda
CR-3440 112.0 mm - 67.1 mm

There have also been added some new center covers for rims.
RD-5402 (Opel)
RD-5503 (Nissan)
RD-5606 (Audi, VW)
RD-6010 (Peugeot)
RD-6011 (Hyundai)
RD-6404 (Seat, VW)
RD-6601 (Audi, VW)
RD-1205 (Audi, VW)
RD-1221 (VW, Seat)
RD-1222 (Citroen)
RD-1223 (Seat)
RD-1224 (Seat)
Manufacturers within brackets are in line with some of the car manufacturer's OEM rims. But, of course, it fits incredibly many other poster wheels as well.
You will find the right center cover by measuring the existing cover and comparing the dimensions of our website.