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Puncture repair kit

Puncture repair kit
Puncture repair kit
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Puncture repair kit for tubeless tyre.
If you go out by cycle, scooter, motorbike or car, you can't afford to leave home without it.
This kit will let you repair the puncture quickly and effectively. It is essential for vehicles with tubeless tyres.

Remove the object that caused tyre puncture.
Insert the rasp into the hole, push and pull the rasp to roughen and clean the edges.
Coat the needle with the rubber cement, and spread the cement on the hole.
Insert the repair string into the hole to seal it.
Do not try to repair any sidewall puncture.



Please note that this repair kit should not be used to fix tyres with punctures bigger than 1/4', and should only be used as temporary fix, to allow you to reach your destination safely then you can repair your tyre permanently.


Package Content:

1 x Rasp Tool

1 x Split-eye Insertion Needle

1 x Rubber Cement

3 x Tyre Repair Strip


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