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10mm - Spacer

10mm - Spacer
10mm - Spacer
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Spacer 10 millimeter.

We only recommend use of spacers when necessary. E.g when the wheel has wrong ET and touches control arms or auto body inwards. 
By using these spacers the wheels extend 10mm further outward, so please keep in mind that longer bolts may be necessary to use. This is a universal model and fits most cars. 

Fit the following bolt patterns:
4x98.0 mm
4x100.0 mm
4x108.0 mm
4x110.0 mm
4x114.3 mm
4x120.0 mm
4x130.0 mm
5x100.0 mm
5x108.0 mm
5x112.0 mm
5x114.3 mm
5x115.0 mm
5x120.0 mm
5x130.0 mm

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